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Hello loves! As my blog progresses and you all get to know me, you’ll realize that I LOVE FITNESS. Love love love. I’ve been working on my health and body actively for the past 5 years or so. With any workout comes a cute workout outfit, right? I’ve tried many different athletic clothing brands and this outfit includes some of my faves! In the PNW, it has officially started raining – and will be until May next year – wish me luck. But as the cold weather comes, I prefer to wear long sleeves tops and pants, but that’s the only thing that changes! This outfit is perfect for a gym, outdoor, or class based workout. Heck, it’s just cute, you can wear it to run errands 😊

This top is super comfy, wicks away moisture while keeping you cool during your workout. It has a hood, which I love for those rainy days, and it’s slightly synched on the sides making it very flattering – always a bonus! I bought this specific one a while ago, so here at two similar ones (HERE and HERE)

My go to bottoms are always black, no matter what brand. The reasons for this is when you’re sweaty, it doesn’t show! These are one of my faves from Adidas. They’re high waisted so it keeps everything tucked in and I tend to feel more comfortable in them then low waisted ones. Again, they keep you cool and best of all they’re not see through!!! My test in fitting rooms is to bend over and check myself, does anyone else do that??

Hands down, I love to wear Nikes to the gym. If I’m doing cardio and lifting weights I prefer the Nike Free Runs (they are pictured and ON SALE!). If I’m only lifting weights, I’m not as picky. Some other ones I wear are the Roche One and Tanjun Casual. I have worn other shoe brands for working out, and Nike always seems to come out on the top.

Sports bra (not pictured)
I don’t have a specific brand or type I prefer. All I need from a sports bra is support. One of my favorites is from Adidas, but I also have a Reebok one I love too, that I purchased from TjMaxx for like $14 bucks!

Stairs like these are perfect for an outdoor leg workout. Squats, lunges, cardio – you can do it all! Should I share some of my work out tips? If you have any suggestions about workout gear you love, let me know! Xoxo

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