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It’s Fall! For some reason, my summer has flown by! Maybe because I didn’t have much of a summer – here in the PNW it rained until the middle of June, no joke. This happens every year and it’s so bittersweet as we transition into the cold rainy months. One of my favorite ways to transition some of my summer pieces into the fall, such as a sleeveless top, is to throw a warm cardigan over. That way as the day progresses and it becomes warmer, you can take it off. This particular day was in the 60’s, so I stuck to a cute pair of sandals, but you can totally opt out for a short bootie.

It’s light, airy, and I’m loving the embroidered detail. I wasn’t the biggest fan when the trend first showed up, but it’s been growing on me. The shape of this is super flattering, and I prefer to stay on the lighter side of colors as I began to transition into the fall (this is me hanging on to any bit of summer left). I purchased this top about a month ago, and I’m very surprised that it’s not available. However, there is a similar one HERE and HERE.

My first job a couple years ago was at TjMaxx… which means that I shopped there a ton too. The cardigan I’m wearing is from TjMaxx but you can find similar options HERE and HERE. If you prefer something warmer and thicker, you can totally go for it! I just stuck to a lighter one, because this day was in the 60’s, and I could get away with it.

These are one of my favorite pair of jeans! They fit me like a glove, and I have the worst time trying to find jeans that fit me! I’m 5’8, and finding jeans that fit my height, as well as my booty, and waist, is the most challenging job ever. Frequently, I have to let go of one factor, and it’s usually the length of my jeans – so a lot of my jeans are short… But, these aren’t! They actually fit! I walked into Nordstrom Rack one day, and there they were! You can find similar ones by the same brand HERE and HERE. (They are both ON SALE and I’m a size 28 for reference in this particular brand )

These were my go-to summer sandals. I absolutely adore them. They’re comfy and cute – what more can I ask for. The laces do drive me a little insane, as they untie frequently, if you don’t tie them real tight. However, I don’t mind… they’re too cute.

Fossil Watch (*ON SALE*)| Bracelets (*ON SALE*)

This was purchased a couple years ago for my birthday, and there are a couple options on Poshmark for the same one if you search “Alberta Di Canio Fringe Bag”. However, similar options can be found HERE and HERE.


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